Are you struggling with stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm?

Understanding the ‘root cause’ of an issue, can quickly help you to feel more calm and in control with life’s little and large challenges.  

Meet Susan Gardner: The Life Surgeon

Meta-Well-Being is based in the Midlands, UK and led by its Founder, Susan Gardner, International Coach, Speaker, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Specialist. 

Learn how to positively change habits of a lifetime for greater health, harmony and happiness; Living in the WoW!

Pause | Breathe | Smile is highlighted throughout the Meta-Well-Being journey, as an essential, yet simple mindfulness practice done regularly and consistently to cultivate good habits around self-care activities.

In a nutshell, Meta-Well-Being is a holistic approach to living life with conscious attention to the 4 key pillars of health and wellness; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  


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A Personal Message from Susan…

“Know that YOU are AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY and POWERFUL. Cultivate TRUST in your body’s innate wisdom and nurture the natural healing processes with loving kindness towards your SELF.” 

Health Centred Solutions for Life

Online Strategic Coaching

Recovery Specialist Wellbeing Coaching and Mentoring; for great health, happiness and wellness

Restorative Retreats

Gorgeous Getaways to relax, recharge and revitalise; enriching, empowering and enlightening time-out

Online Bliss Time

Take a well deserved break and enjoy the extraordinary experience of a soothing and replenishing energy treatment


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How To Have A Happy and Healthy Meta Christmas

How To Have A Happy and Healthy Meta Christmas

YaaaY it’s party time!!! 🎊 🥳 🎉  I bet there was a time when your tummy did a flip of excitement at those words, how’s it feeling nowadays?   With the advent of Christmas and its accompanying festivities this year, I know...

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This Christmas Remember to Sprinkle some Self-Love Sparkle!

This Christmas Remember to Sprinkle some Self-Love Sparkle!

GUEST BLOG AUTHOR: Sara Marsden-Shreeve Every year we get into the same Christmas rollercoaster of old habits, whether it be trying to get organised, buying the ‘perfect gifts’, planning-ahead, upholding family traditions and of course trying to keep everyone happy....

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Lock Onto Love – Top Tips To Empower Yourself

Lock Onto Love – Top Tips To Empower Yourself

Establish a Personal Self-Care Routine – You Deserve It Set your alarm early or leave curtains open to wake with daylight As you come round still lying in bed, visualise a positive, productive day ahead Do some gentle stretches, tuning into your body and checking how...

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