Do you struggle with stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm?

Find out how getting to the ‘root cause’ of an issue with a Lifestyle Prescription, can quickly help you to feel more calm and able to deal with life’s little and large challenges.  

Meet Susan Gardner: The Life Surgeon

Meta-Well-Being is based in the Midlands, UK and led by its Founder, Susan Gardner, International Coach, Speaker, Women’s Health and Wellbeing Specialist. 

Learn how to positively change habits of a lifetime for greater health, harmony and happiness; Living in the WoW!

Pause | Breathe | Smile is highlighted throughout the Meta-Well-Being journey, as an essential, yet simple mindfulness practice done regularly and consistently to cultivate good habits around self-care activities.

In a nutshell, Meta-Well-Being is a holistic approach to living life with conscious attention to the 4 key pillars of health and wellness; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  


Find out more about Meta-Well-Being

Bliss Time

Take a well deserved break and enjoy a soothing and restorative treatment


Gorgeous Getaways to relax, recharge and revitalise; enriching retreats

Strategic Coaching

Specialist Coaching and Mentoring; for great health and wellbeing


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How To Have A Happy and Healthy Meta Christmas

How To Have A Happy and Healthy Meta Christmas

YaaaY it’s party time!!! 🎊 🥳 🎉  I bet there was a time when your tummy did a flip of excitement at those words, how’s it feeling nowadays?   With the advent of Christmas and its accompanying festivities this year, I know...

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This Christmas Remember to Sprinkle some Self-Love Sparkle!

This Christmas Remember to Sprinkle some Self-Love Sparkle!

GUEST BLOG AUTHOR: Sara Marsden-Shreeve Every year we get into the same Christmas rollercoaster of old habits, whether it be trying to get organised, buying the ‘perfect gifts’, planning-ahead, upholding family traditions and of course trying to keep everyone happy....

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Lock Onto Love – Top Tips To Empower Yourself

Lock Onto Love – Top Tips To Empower Yourself

Establish a Personal Self-Care Routine – You Deserve It Set your alarm early or leave curtains open to wake with daylight As you come round still lying in bed, visualise a positive, productive day ahead Do some gentle stretches, tuning into your body and checking how...

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