women’s mindfulness meditation group

The Women’s Mindfulness Meditation Group takes place every Monday – Book Your Place HERE  

This delightful circle for women, is a lovely small gathering of ladies who are keen to enhance and continue to deepen their connection with themselves, with life.  

Regular practice of meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and promote an overall greater sense of peace and wellbeing.

Whether you’re on a journey of self-discovery or simply looking to enhance your lifestyle with some quality time-out for yourself, this is a wonderful experience.

Become richly rewarded with a deepening in connection with your ‘self’ and establish a regular, consistent practice where tuning into body and mind is strengthened through the commitment of meeting up regularly with other like-minded souls – this, is what makes the difference and takes you to another level of enlightenment.

Even though this is currently an online event, it is brought to you from the dedicated sacred space in Saltbrook Meadow Farm, which is a beautiful, cosy environment ideally suited for a couple of hours of quiet contemplation, stillness and guided meditation and on occasions exploring a blend with ‘therapeutic tapping’ (EFT), mindfulness and visualisation, overall, regular practise helps to cultivate a beautiful feeling of peacefulness, inside out, on all levels.   

“That was the best meditation I have ever experienced!”

Free Guide To Get Going

Start from scratch with this FREE guide to Seven Steps to Magic and Miracles (the journey within) practicing Mindfulness Meditation.

Click on the following link: 7 Steps to Magic and Miracles Practising Mindfulness Meditation to view and download, then print off and pin it where you can see it, to remind you to do it!  

Pricing and Details

Susan Gardner is the facilitator of these weekly Women’s Mindfulness Meditation sessions, which now take place each Monday starting at 6.30p.m. and finish at 7.30p.m.

The group is purposefully kept to a maximum of 11. Please state your intention to come along, by claiming your space in advance to avoid disappointment. 

As a gesture of good faith in these challenging times, I’ve massively reduced the entrance fee and therefore, your investment per session on a PAYG basis is £5 payable via the secure link. 

Or take advantage of a 12 weeks package and pay only £50 saving £10.  Of course this is a great way to get yourself into a good healthy habit! 

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