Did you notice it as well? It was just as though someone had flicked a switch and we transitioned overnight from Summer into Autumn! One minute I’m in my light and bright dresses and the next I was having to layer up by comparison, although it is still relatively warm for this time of the year.

With nature’s cycles and the ever familiar seasonal patterns, natural changes occur with regularity that provides the perfect ingredients to sustain perfect conditions for life on earth – the BIG picture. This fact reflects how each of us also ‘ebbs and flows’ within the energetic matrix which we see in our life experiences and consequently change in all sorts of ways and forms takes place. Ironically most people dislike change, resisting it, yet change is happening constantly and for things to remain the same is simply an illusion.

What’s key is how quickly we adjust and adapt, to stay in flow, in a state of balance and ease.

Each day as I walk with SkyDog, we are seeing the beautiful unfolding of Autumn (and to use this as a metaphor), following a fruitful harvest, it is a great time to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments created from all of your efforts up to this point in the year. YES… WELL DONE YOU!!!

A great exercise to really get a sense of all that you have made happen over the last few months, is to write down everything and even better, use photos, then put it up on the wall where you can appreciate it and remind yourself of your bumper Harvest! Make sure that you share your good news too; people love successful people! It’s amazing how quickly these things can get lost and forgotten, yet they are massively important to cultivate that sense of appreciation, to recharge and refocus especially as the days grow shorter and there’s less natural light available for that boost in vitality, keeping spirits lifted and optimistic.

Now depending on what you do next with your ‘harvest’ is what will determine the ongoing rewards as we head towards winter and the energy changes once more. Planning and preparation in the laying of strong foundations by checking what is working for you and letting go of what is not, ensuring that your body and mind gets what it needs to feel great inside out. When consciously living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Universe, this alignment of energy is hugely potent for ‘living in the WoW’ because of the wonderful synchronicity. Change is happening and you’re in flow, with ease and grace. You know when you’re not in flow because everything is difficult and feels difficult.

Top Tip – Think ‘simple’; chunk down and take action in order of priority – Keep It Simple Sweetie 😉

Imagine feeling the exhilaration of floating down-stream through fast moving water and then slowing in more soothing calm water, either way you are still going in the same direction, just having a different experience. Plus it’s so much easier to point yourself in the direction you want to go and then go with the natural flow – why would you put so much effort in going against a tide of water which is only ever going in one direction?

“Just before the leaves let go
we see incredible beauty
as they transform and show
revealing a glorious array of colour
for it is their duty
in nature to be strong and eventually surrender
dancing on the wind before
settling into perfect position
ready for the next transition and more”

Embracing change by being the change, is a powerful way to live life. Choose your path and own it. Check in with your emotional barometer that you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose – you know when you are on track, it feels good!

Pause | Breathe | Smile

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