Well you may have noticed that we naturally tend to gravitate towards the difficulties that come with a cold front especially when it’s as dramatic and severe as it  has been over the last few days in the UK – we are simply not use to dealing with such conditions and each year when we experience our winter all at once in a condensed space in time, it is evident how unprepared we are as a nation to continue with daily activities without changing pace.

And yet…

Oh yes, how we love to talk about the weather, it dominates so many conversations as the number 1 hot topic to be discussed, and of course along with someone’s health – another ‘biggie’.  It’s a funny old thing as it’s the ‘doom and gloom’ which gets people animated, relishing the awfulness about a situation whilst glad inside that it’s happening to someone else…

Although when we find ourselves at the centre of a challenge it’s amazing what resilience is available and how things aren’t always as bad as they may have seemed initially.  This is a natural human response which is part of our fight/flight system to help keep us safe through an alertness that in the first instance is a signal that there could be danger and until we accept evidence that all is well, the mind continues to treat the situation as a threat to its very existence.

So… getting back to ‘Beauty in the Beast’ and I want you to consider for a moment, just how can this extra-ordinary Baltic like weather be a gift?

Well… maybe you have been forced to change your schedule and consequently that means what you thought was going to happen isn’t and you are in a place which was unexpected, unanticipated, unprepared for…  Now for some, this will have been welcome and for others potentially the opposite.

A constant and powerful reminder, like the rising and setting of the sun and moon, our world continues to revolve and at best you have had some time out from the usual ‘full on’ schedule which can be as refreshing as a holiday.  “Yes”, an interruption of this kind can on the surface be a nuisance or even a calamity, however to find the silver lining (there is always one to be revealed) will allow an acceptance of ‘what is’ and with that you feel better – your body immediately reflects the letting go of tension around those demand on your attention which can be a theme running in the background and with your focus temporarily elsewhere it’s a form of ‘unplugging’ you know, disconnecting and both your body and mind craves for this; to be rebooted and reset.

Enforced time-out is better than no time-out – make sure that you make the most of it! 

Be with your family, your friends…

Have fun and fully recharge, so that when you return to your norm, you re-join with a renewed zest for your life, your work or whatever it is that keeps you busy and remember a regular scheduled time-out is essential for keeping you energised, don’t wait for days like this, make days happen like this too!

Always to Your Success in Health, Harmony and Happiness.

Susan  X

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