Worthless or Priceless?

If I asked you to rate this very well-known painting from 0 – 10 where 0 is worthless and 10 is priceless, where would you place it?

Easy!  Most people know that this beautiful painting is priceless.
Now replace the painting with a picture of yourself and rate it once again using the 0 – 10 scale.


Challenging isn’t it?

Many people, especially women, compare themselves to others and as a result don’t value themselves enough.  We have thoughts that creep in to our mind and feed us with self-doubt. Questioning thoughts such as: ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Am I worthy?’, ‘Am I slim enough?’, ‘Do I look young enough?’…

You might recognise these thoughts in yourself. Those moments when we believe we don’t measure up. We beat ourselves up and become stressed that we don’t measure up and because we don’t measure up we beat ourselves up again!  It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. We believe someone could have done better than us in any given circumstance or there is always someone with more money, success, luck, looks, happiness etc.

Very often comparing ourselves to others which directly affects our self-esteem and end up feeling worthless. A common practice is to compare self-worth with net worth and of course this really does confuse things!

Society doesn’t exactly help us either, as we are encouraged to work harder, look flawless, have perfect hair and bodies and conform to the ideals of those who set the rules. Sadly, we see many caught up in this illusion focusing on themselves with disdain and loathing, sickened and feeling that they should do better.

Have you taken on unsuitable jobs because of feeling pressured into earning a certain amount of money and that actually it’s not what you want to be doing?

Have you stayed in a relationship way too long which wasn’t filled with equal respect and joy, just because the alternative was unthinkable?

Unfortunately this type of self-sabotage is hugely limiting in our life experience and leads to unfulfilled feelings, wilting like a flower that someone has forgotten to water…

It’s time to STOP this cycling.  Take a moment now to consider how you to talk to yourself.  Are you kind and loving to yourself or critical and judgemental?

It is said that we accept the love that we think we deserve.  What sort of conditions are you placing on your deserve levels?

Are you the best version of you that you want to be?

Sometimes we become so blind to the wonderful person that we are and we simply forget how to love ourselves.  For many people this is a difficult concept, as self-love is generally not encouraged with much of the focus being on others.  However, as with every safety message the first essential action is to ensure that your needs are met first before attending to others – because if you don’t, you’re not in a strong position to be able to help others effectively!


Start with the things that you admire about someone else and identify the same qualities in yourself that you are already displaying albeit unconsciously up to this point – for it takes one to know one!  😉


Next become aware of your thoughts and check whether they are serving you.  Would you be saying them to your best friend?

You have some amazing qualities. Yes you do! Just imagine how different life would be if you truly valued yourself?


Start by making a list of things that are valuable about you, for example:

I’m there for my family.

I have a great sense of humour.

I’m a brilliant cook.

If you find this difficult to do, ask a friend or partner what they value about you. You just might be surprised what they see in you!  Once you start to value yourself more, then other people will value you more too.

Valuing yourself is a daily practice. Become your own new best friend. Treat yourself as if you are the person you care about the most. Be kind, careful, considerate and compassionate towards yourself – you deserve it.

Why not offer yourself a beautiful gift? It is well documented that regularly taking time out from routine demands on your attention, can motivate, inspire and boost your energy levels; essential elements of building and nurturing self-worth.

I’d love for you to join me on my transformational Caribbean Get-Away, where you can completely ‘switch off’ from the daily pressures of work and family and instead feel the calming and deeply relaxing effects of being nurtured, nourished and supported in a beautiful, warm environment where it’s safe to explore how liberating and uplifting the focus of self-love can be.

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Treat yourself like a rare painting.  After all you are priceless.

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