Nature Reflects Massive Growth and Expansion.

The moment the days start to lengthen and with it the sun shines more bringing warmth to the land.  The frosts lessen and we are encouraged outside to join in with the new beginnings that this glorious season brings to us as an annual gift of birth and renewal.  Reawakening after our virtual hibernation into Spring with offerings full of promise, expectation and opportunity.  It’s a time when we literally ‘feel it in the air’ and see evidence all around as the birds partner up and the animals ‘frisky and strutting’ – I see this in SkyDog (my morning walk partner) his mood is very much influenced by his natural environment and especially noticeable with changes in the elements.   Can you spot SkyDog ‘getting in on the action’ in the photo…?

As we walk each day we bear witness to the most awesome heralding of subtle change and nature demonstrates that so beautifully – change is inevitable, yet ironic that so many of us detest change and resist this natural process of renewal.  When change is embraced and we align with the flow, life is all the more fruitful.  I love to see the buds start appearing on the trees and quickly burst into a glorious range of bright greens, with masses of flowers and blossoms blooming in rapid succession.

Of course many people are stirred too and spring into action cleaning their homes from top to bottom, inside out and this is a perfect analogy for life too – so to conduct a Body Mind Spring Clean to de-clutter, become fully present and ready to allow your own inner self to blossom and flourish – feels fantastic.  Your body does it anyway, whether you are conscious of it or not, scientifically speaking we are more than just a ‘human being’ we are vibrational energy beings, in tune with the Universal energies, nature assists with physical clearing and this is why we see so many with head colds during this season of renewal and rebirth, as the body purges.  This wonderful ‘letting go’ is what is required to rest and recharge, of course it can be a nuisance interrupting life and unpleasant to have to go through, yet is soon forgotten as balance in health is restored once again and we enter the next new phase in life.

For the whole of my working life up to 15 years ago, I was ‘full on, flat out and living in the fast lane’ caught up in the thrill of chasing the ‘$’ and I certainly was not present or mindful about anything, it was not even in my vocabulary.  To Spring Clean my own mind and body, absolutely did not enter my thoughts in those days, whilst I was focused on having fun and being the top sales newcomer of the year or whatever the attraction.  It all came to an abrupt end with a number of things colliding together at the same time which was a massive “wake up” call for me and I believe it literally saved my life!  (You can read more about this in my book due to be published by the end of the year.)

Undoubtedly things had to change and there was a lot of ‘letting go’ as a major part of my transformation.  However, this became my motivation; to honour myself and in turn those around me.  I needed to immerse myself into a very different way of looking at life and cultivate a better understanding about me, the authentic me that is…  Having enrolled on many holistic therapies and personal development courses, workshops, reading material, videos and finding my new journey to be so incredibly exciting.  I recognised how little I knew and how much more there was to be learned and ‘oh boy’ did I enjoy sharing my new found passion with other like-minded friends – it was thrilling!  Consequently, with an ever increasing understanding of my own health and wellbeing nowadays, I recognise the ‘bigger picture’ of other factors which can further shape my wellness experience for example how the ‘seasons’ have a role in the way that I feel.  So for me, this time of the year offers the ideal opportunity to ‘Spring Board’ tasks and especially major projects, building on the momentum of the universal energies.

Spring, as Leo Tolstoy wrote, is the time of plans and projects and it is indeed a time when we can hatch our plans for the future. We can present our ideas and ourselves freshly and with renewed verve after the greyness of a damp winter.  In fact Spring is the ideal time for seeing things from a different perspective and reflect on what has passed. It’s a time for clarity and focus.

So what do your plans and projects look like? It is said that our thoughts become things so what are you focusing on at the moment?  When we are passionate about our projects and plans then they are more likely to work for us.

Many people use a technique called visualisation to create the image of their project or plan in their mind.  It’s an empowering technique that helps us to ‘see’ what it is that we want.  Once we see it clearly taking shape in our ‘mind’s eye’, we can feel it and believe it, then it’s far easier to achieve it, so really everything starts with our imagination first as powerfully demonstrated by Walt Disney who always used this technique to ‘dream up’ fantastical images which he then recreated through the lens to delight millions of viewers of his film creations.

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