“I was fortunate to have a ‘wake-up’ call which I believe literally saved my life!” 

Traditional healthcare typically focuses on managing symptoms, however, a META-Wellbeing Specialist looks at the whole of someone’s circumstances using  META-Health principles  as a basis of analysis taking into account all areas of life; using a holistic approach and seeing the bigger picture, then drilling down into the specific details and timeline which have led to health and wellbeing challenges.

In today’s society, most of us are touched in some way by the immense level of information, technology overload, intense work pressures, mind on the go 24/7, family stresses etc etc. This is the 21st century syndrome and for some people the effects are significant and leads to overwhelm which can manifest in a range of health conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, headaches, brain fog, malaise, digestive issues, aches and pains.  Left unchecked and unsupported the consequences can result in major health challenges and even disease, having a huge impact on life for that person and their family, friends and colleagues.

Many women are working ‘full on, flat out in the fast lane’ and absolutely feel the effects of this daily cycling of pressure from the demands both self-induced and external social expectations.  Is any of this sounding familiar?  This used to be me and I was fortunate to have a ‘wake-up’ call which I believe literally saved my life!  So now with a lifetime of personal experience and 15 years of training in a variety of Complementary Therapies, META-Health,Coaching and Mentoring, my vocation is to serve and share my passion andknowledge.

I mentor and coach individuals and small groups to facilitate positive and lasting change, addressing key issues which have led tot heir current unwanted negative status which is essential in the process of regeneration to becoming once again happy and healthy; enjoying work/life balance.

“So, are you feeling hugely stressed, overwhelmed and ineffective in your work; anxious and exhausted…?”

The first step to freedom from self-limiting habits, is to recognise that this could be you and with such a realisation revealed and accepted, the transition to a much better feeling place has begun.

Curious to learn more and how to transform yourself from a state of disempowerment to balance, harmony and happiness!?”  I offer 30 minutes complimentary appointments to explore how I can specifically help you…

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