5 Simple Steps to Energise Your Self-Image at Home: Intro + Bonus Step 1)


A  NEW Introductory Online Course for you to experience, full of helpful videos and printable worksheets.

Seeing  yourself positively and accepting  your body can often feel like an uphill struggle, let alone find clothes that could  help you feel  more confident.  Well, we can offer you the chance to start planting those positive seeds to  question any negative beliefs and  improve the relationship  you have with yourself (self-image) and with your wardrobe.  There are hidden superpowers in there you know!  It’s also an affordable and convenient  way to experience this journey from the comfort of your  own home and in your own time.  Enjoy our SPECIAL OFFER and try it out for FREE (RRP £19).  It’s time to start feeling good about yourself because you are WORTH it.



5 Simple Steps to Energise Your Self-Image at Home is a MetaWellBeing collaboration with The Image Tree, Sara Marsden-Shreeve.  This brand NEW introductory online course is jam-packed with fantastic ‘facts, tips n tricks’ to inspire you ‘inside out’; easy to access and simple to follow.  You’ll love it!

Fancy trying a taster session of our New E-Course for FREE?   Receive the Intro + BONUS STEP ONE with videos and a printable Workbook.  If you’ve been feeling a little ‘out of love’ with yourself and your wardrobe, then this will certainly start to help you feel a little better about yourself both inside and out.  Go on, give it a whirl and take the first step TODAY!


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