How To Colour Your Hair At Home – Step by Step Video Tutorial



How To Colour Your Hair At Home – Professional Guidance and Top Tips

This is a video ‘step by step’ tutorial to help those resorting to ‘having to’ colour their own hair at home, to help avoid any unnecessary hair calamities!  I figured it was best to provide some professional guidance on this important personal care matter, to ensure the best chance of preserving your ‘crowning glory’ as well as you can in these exceptional circumstances, rather than have to risk dealing with unwanted consequences.

So perhaps you’ve been wondering how to go about colouring your own hair without having a disaster!?

This could be especially helpful if you’re unable to get to your favourite hairdresser for your regular colouring service and to be clear from the outset, that this is something I’d always recommend first and foremost; to go see and consult with a professional hairdresser in a normal regular situation.

This video tutorial concentrates on ‘how to do your own regrowth tint’ (colour) as a home hair care maintenance regimen, so if you can’t currently get to a hairdresser, then by watching each step, which are nice and easy to follow, the aim is to give you top tips, some insider knowledge and learn about essential techniques that will set you up for a successful home hair colouring experience.  At the very least, it will help to give you confidence in following a process that you’re able to copy and do it as well as possible rather than going ahead and doing it without any help.

“I didn’t need to look, your descriptions were like listening to a podcast, so clear at every step.”

Susan Gardner’s professional hairdressing background spans 44 years: Fast-tracked through her hairdressing apprenticeship by eating, drinking, sleeping hairdressing, with a well known Yorkshire Hair Salon group based in Harrogate, Ripon and York.  At the tender age of 21, she co-owned with sweetheart partner in business and husband, York’s largest hairdressing salon with over 40 staff.  Susan’s responsibilities were primarily overseeing the in-house specialist Hairdressing Training Programme for all the employees. Recognised in the industry for their high standards, creativity and innovation.  Focus outside of everyday salon clients was in shows, photo shoots and competitions.  Susan also worked for a well known international hairdressing manufacturer and supplier, where she was a Technical Consultant, specialising in Hair Colouring; training hundreds of salon’s staff across the country.

Today, Susan continues to weave hairdressing into the MetaWellBeing Coaching business; helping to bring balance to key personal areas in life, for a greater sense of ‘feeling good’ and ‘more confident’ especially in the professional arena.  

“I love the fact that it was like being in a class with you, following along, all doing our hair at the same time.”

Disclaimer Please Note: You take full responsibility for the decision to apply hair colour (tint of any kind and make) onto yourself, or onto any other person, whatever the outcome, this is an action that you have chosen to do and to reiterate that this video tutorial is offered in good faith, so if in doubt, don’t do it and go seek further advice and/or guidance.


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