Wellbeing Winter Warmers

12 DAYS OF WINTER WELLBEING WARMERS   On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… “A steaming hot mug of tea”   On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me… “2 litres of water and a steaming hot mug of tea”   On the third day of...

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Beauty in the Beast – A Gift from the East

Well you may have noticed that we naturally tend to gravitate towards the difficulties that come with a cold front especially when it’s as dramatic and severe as it  has been over the last few days in the UK – we are simply not use to dealing with such conditions and...

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Autumn in full swing

Did you notice it as well? It was just as though someone had flicked a switch and we transitioned overnight from Summer into Autumn! One minute I'm in my light and bright dresses and the next I was having to layer up by comparison, although it is still relatively warm...

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What Does Our World Have In Common With Your World?

Nature Reflects Massive Growth and Expansion. The moment the days start to lengthen and with it the sun shines more bringing warmth to the land.  The frosts lessen and we are encouraged outside to join in with the new beginnings that this glorious season brings to us...

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How Much Do You Value Yourself?

Worthless or Priceless? If I asked you to rate this very well-known painting from 0 - 10 where 0 is worthless and 10 is priceless, where would you place it? Easy!  Most people know that this beautiful painting is priceless.Now replace the painting with a picture of...

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Is The 21st Century Syndrome Affecting You?

"I was fortunate to have a ‘wake-up’ call which I believe literally saved my life!"  Traditional healthcare typically focuses on managing symptoms, however, a META-Wellbeing Specialist looks at the whole of someone’s circumstances using  META-Health principles  as a...

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