META-Wellbeing… What is it?

META-Wellbeing... Are you enjoying your life and feeling really good? How aware are you about your health? I mean really aware? As in understanding the natural rhythm of your health and how everything is connected at a deep level? Sounding a bit too deep? Let me...

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Wheel of Life Exercise

The Wheel of Life Exercise - A Useful Starting Point... Sometimes life can seem more challenging than usual and it is not always easy to identify why you may be feeling 'out of sorts' or that things are just 'not flowing', so by using this simple exercise you can get...

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January 2016 Newsletter

It's arrived - da dah! In this edition: All the latest news 'hot off the press' - what's been happening, what's been celebrated and what's coming up... * New Mentoring Services launched * Wellbeing Coaching successes * META-Health talks and workshops * Wellbeing in...

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Take a Break – Have a Quick Nap!

Because of modern technology we can DO so much more than ever before and the temptation to fit even more in is always lurking there with greater expectations placed upon people from all areas. For us to maintain that all important work / life balance it is essential...

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Whipping the workforce into shape? How effective is it?

Welcome to the Wellbeing in the Workplace Blog! It is our aim to stimulate and challenge, inform and be educated... there is so much we can learn and share. Why do we suffer in silence, especially in our places of work, when really if we were honest with one another...

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Patience and the Mirror!

The well known phrase... "Patience is a virtue" when exercised consistently we remain focused and in control, yet when the opposite occurs and we react allowing frustration and anger to take over, those who happen to be around us or directly involved, instantly pick...

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